University of Wisconsin School of Nursing

University of Wisconsin School of Nursing creates Canary Savage Girardeau Award

Justification presented by the dean of the UW-Madison School of Nursing (SoN), Dr. Linda Scott to Canary Girardeau:

“Canary, as we consider the stories of Badger nurses that we want to feature and build on, your ongoing contributions to health as a nurse leader come to mind. When you were selected as the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award recipient in 2020, there became interest in commemorating your role in the School’s history and your impact on promoting health and wellbeing, especially in underserved populations. I concur; it is significant that the path in nursing that led you to improve lives as a public health nurse first led you to break a barrier in nursing education. In your story—and in your legacy as the SoN’s first African American graduate—is an example that access and inclusion are critical to improving health for all. With this in mind, the School would like to create an award in your name.

Proposed as the “Canary Savage Girardeau Award for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” this would be added to the two existing Nurses Alumni Organization (NAO) awards. I strongly support recognition of SoN students, faculty, staff, or alumni who reduce barriers to health through diversity and inclusion. We see this award as a reflection of the School’s commitment to building health equity through diversity and inclusion in nursing education and health care.”

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