SHIRE’s Silver Anniversary

A Message from THE CEO

My 25 years as Executive Director/CEO of SHIRE have given rise to countless blessings. I have learned some tough lessons, gained new knowledge, created innovative programs, influenced policies on behalf of people of color, and most importantly developed meaningful relationships at many levels. I have been privileged to work with hundreds of community residents in the District of Columbia and across the nation and seeing them take charge of their health has brought me much joy. More…

Our 25th Anniversary – Why We Celebrate

  1. SHIRE commemorates 25 years of service, advocacy, and community engagement for people of color.
  2. SHIRE maintains a rock-solid commitment to eradicate health disparities and to promote health and wellness for communities of color.
  3. SHIRE is a highly respected community partner and engages hundreds of the residents in the District of Columbia in their Wellness Circle programs.
  4. SHIRE empowers people of color with health information and the tools to improve their health outcomes and make lasting lifestyle changes.
  5. SHIRE trains community residents as health coaches and peer educators to spread the message about health and wellness among DC residents of color.
  6. SHIRE has influenced policies that support health equity and justice at the national level. For more about SHIRE’s Silver Anniversary click here

Engaging Our Community

A Key to Health and Wellness

“When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’ even illness becomes wellness.” — Malcolm X

For the last 25 years SHIRE’s work in the East of the River community has given living testimony to the wisdom of Malcolm X. We have been guided by a deep understanding that together we are so much stronger than we are as individuals. That has been the experience of African Americans in this nation over 400 years, and it is as true today as it has ever been.

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