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SHIRE successes are many. Today, we are nationally recognized as an effective advocate for the adoption and use of health information technology in communities of color. Our work on data collection since 2001 contributed to language in the Affordable Care Act that requires the collection of race/ethnicity data in all federally-funded programs. SHIRE is ALSO known as a leading voice in the DC campaign to prevent childhood obesity. These are “big picture” successes with broad impact that pave the way for our continued advocacy efforts.

We can point to programmatic successes as well. Here are some examples:

  • In partnership with People’s Co-op in Ward 8, SHIRE engaged over 300 community volunteers to build a KaBoom playground in one day.
  • SHIRE has convened over 140 partners as members of the Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative, nearly 50% of whom attend meetings regularly.
  • With Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities partners, SHIRE advocated successfully for DC’s participation in the Federal After School Meals program and for more healthy food choices East of the River.
  • With these partners, SHIRE also promoted with success District policies promoting the improvement and use of parks – efforts leading to a citywide “Outdoors for Health” coalition.
  • SHIRE conducted seminars with 60 health providers to promote better nutrition counseling for children and families.
  • Over 100 youth and adult gardeners from three housing complexes participated in SHIRE’s neighborhood gardening project, conducted with Groundwork Anacostia River DC.
  • SHIRE has recruited, trained and deployed 75 youth and 50 adult peer educators to share health information through skits, plays, health fairs, presentations to doctors’ offices and other venues. They reached 4,000 residents over a three-month period.
  • SHIRE contacted 800 health plan members in 45 days to encourage them to seek annual physicals, helping to make appointments and arrange transportation.
  • Through outreach to neighbors, peer educators increased sales at a Ward 8 Farmers’ Market by 50%.
  • Ninety percent of Wellness Circle participants reported better knowledge and eating habits after participation; for 30% lower blood pressure rates were recorded.
  • SHIRE’s Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention (SCOOP) program resulted in an increase in structured physical activity in child care centers from 45% to 72%.
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