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Our Partners

As an organization committed to collaboration and coalition-building, SHIRE has worked with a wide range of partners over the years. Partners with whom we are currently actively engaged are:

  • ALLEN CHAPEL AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH - a Wellness Circles site since 2015 and a faith pillar in the Ward 8 community that, offers a wide range of community services, including food distribution and nutrition education. (
  • AMERIHEALTH CARITAS DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – a key SHIRE partner since 2014 and major provider in the District of Columbia of of comprehensive health care services, as well as innovative disease prevention and wellness programs for 100,000 Medicaid beneficiaries.(
  • MY LITTLE WORLD AND MY LITTLE WORLD LIVE – an organization that offers an innovative combination of music, movement and theater to present and reinforce lessons on health to young children of all ages.(
  • NATIONAL HEALTH IT COLLABORATIVE FOR THE UNDERSERVED – co-founded by SHIRE in 2009, this organization serves as the nation’s premier advocate for the inclusion of people of color in health information technology opportunities and benefits. (
  • TEMPLE OF PRAISE – serves the Ward 8 community as a respected faith institution and hosts Wellness Circles for AmeriHealth members in partnership with SHIRE. (
  • WARD 7 HEALTH ALLIANCE – influential advocate for residents I Ward 7 and other communities, providing a forum for a variety of stakeholders to identify and address health issues.

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